Machining technology:

Agiplast is organized to carry out all machining operations within its facility leveraging state-of-the-art technologies such as:

Handling and lifting
  • radio-controlled bridge crane with 6.3 ton load capacity
  • fork lift truck, 35 quintal load capacity
  • fork lift truck, load capacity equal to 18 quintals

  • Automatic sawing machine for cutting operations of up to 7000 mm as to length.
  • In addition to all standard cutting machines

  • Computer-controlled T/T welding machine for POLYFUSION welding of sheets (length = 3,000 mm; thickness = 30 mm).
  • T/T welding machine for POLYFUSION welding of sheets (length = up to 5,000 mm; thickness = 60 mm).
  • T/T welding machine for pipes with diameters up to 500 mm.
  • extruders for repair welding for every type of plastic material (also pvc)
  • thermal press brake for lengths up to 3,000 mm.
  • calender press for profile and piping cold bending
  • Fire wire, electrode welding machines for metals

In addition to standard manual milling machines and lathes, we also have a state-of-the-art NC working center which represents one of our most complete solutions. It can carry out accurate routing operations, dimensions :4300 x 2300 mm. (it is suitable to process also 4,000 x 2,000 mm sheets, the highest standard format in the market). We combined it with the most complete and sophisticated design, development and piece definition software to minimize wastes and scraps.

Machining technology: - (Photogallery)

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